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LANAP- Laser Dentistry

Receive Friendly LANAP Treatments in Carmel

smiling couple outdoorsAt Monterey Coast Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing modern and innovative dental treatments to give you the long-lasting oral health you deserve. One of these innovative solutions we offer is Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) treatments for addressing gum health issues, failing dental implants, and other oral health issues. Dr. Matthew Wetzel and Dr. Abbas Doctor work with you to design a series of treatments that help you achieve a healthy and bright smile.

When you visit our dental office, you'll always be treated with respect and dignity. Our team considers you a part of our dental family and will do all they can to make your time with us comfortable and relaxing. Should you have any questions or concerns, we are ready and able to address them to give you confidence in all our services and procedures. If you're suffering from gum disease and looking for a solution, our Carmel LANAP services may have the answers you need. Contact one of our friendly staff today to schedule your appointment!

Salinas: (831) 424-2214 Carmel: (831) 626-5900

What Is Laser Dentistry?

LANAP laser dentistry in Carmel, CALaser dentistry is a selection of services that uses a dental laser to clean up oral health problems and promote gum and bone regeneration. The use of dental lasers has grown in modern dentistry because of their effectiveness and safety without the need for scalpels and more invasive techniques. You can expect to heal faster and get back to daily life quicker when you've had a laser procedure done compared to traditional methods.

A dental laser focuses a narrow beam of light energy to target enamel, gum tissue, and tooth decay. Depending on your dental issues, differing wavelengths address your problem with pinpoint accuracy and reliability. From a gingivectomy to treating periodontal disease and failing implants, our Carmel LANAP services offer maximum comfort and reliability.

8 Benefits of LANAP procedures in Carmel

One of our top priorities is to provide treatment options that produce long-term results while remaining as gentle as possible. We use LANAP technology to give you the reliable and innovative care you've come to expect from us. Here are eight benefits you may experience with LANAP treatments in Carmel:

  1. Fewer office visits with quicker treatments
  2. Sterile procedures with minimal risk of infection
  3. Zero incisions are needed for gum tissue reshaping and removal
  4. No unpleasant vibrations or noises
  5. Many services performed without drilling or shots
  6. Higher precision with more successful and predictable results
  7. Increased percentage rates of bone and gum tissue regeneration
  8. Less bleeding and decreased sensitivity after a procedure

Our team also offers sedation options and numbing agents when needed. Your peace of mind is always one of our primary concerns. Should you have any questions or concerns about LANAP procedures, please don't hesitate to ask our friendly dentists or staff. We're all here to help you and make you feel at home.

FAQs About LANAP Treatments

Because it's a relatively new technology, we know that you may have many questions regarding LANAP technology. Our dentists ensure you are thoroughly prepared and educated before continuing with any procedure. Some of the following questions are the ones we receive most often.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?: You can rest assured that we prioritize your safety at every step of the process. When performed by a trained dental professional, laser dentistry is as safe, if not more so, as traditional treatment methods. We ensure you are fitted with the proper protective equipment during the procedure, which may include eyewear and other garments.

Are LANAP Procedures Painful?: Though there is minimal discomfort associated with our Carmel LANAP treatments, there is significantly less pain than traditional methods, such as a scalpel. Your diseased and infected gum tissue is removed using a focused and gentle beam of light without harming your healthy tissue and teeth. LANAP also promotes natural sealing of the treated area without the need for stitches. All these benefits result in less pain and quicker healing.

Is LANAP Expensive?: Typically, laser dentistry is similarly or slightly more expensive than traditional methods. Because of the improved quality of treatment and faster healing time, most people find LANAP to offer a better experience overall. Some procedures we perform can also only be done using dental lasers. Our team works with you to find the best solution for your dental health issue, including taking budgetary concerns very seriously.

Your Trusted Carmel LANAP Dental Office

At Monterey Coast Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we want to give you the cutting-edge and innovative dental care that you deserve to help maintain your smile for a lifetime. When you're with us, we do everything we can to make you feel like part of our family. If you're suffering from gum disease or a failing implant, let our Carmel LANAP dentists find the solution that is right for you. Contact our office today and set up your visit!

Salinas: (831) 424-2214 Carmel: (831) 626-5900


Dr. Wetzel is an absolutely incredible gem of a dental surgeon. In every manner of incredible he and his lovely assistant deserves major props.

I am or was a big chicken of the procedure, but based on a small Asian jaw, awful bite and one horizontally impacted wisdom tooth that was causing bone loss, and another slanted and also impacted I had to do something. Due to difficulty taking time off work I got 7 teeth taken out for braces, bite and health. I was terrified to be honest but the office is beautiful, a great place to drool all over yourself ( more on that later) and the pain is minimal considering 2 impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to manage.

I only remember talking to him and joking with him when all of a sudden my memory lapsed and I woke up feeling no pain and they were almost done. I was in disbelief but I remembered hearing about that. There is super slight soreness now 12 hours post op but it actually is better than the soreness from braces! Isn't that crazy? Lastly as someone who only had dentists aged 55 and older I can tell you don't worry. His youthful appearance belies his ability and incredible expertise. :)

Oh and a Warning! You will drool everywhere and I wish I bought a towel for that. Lol. In any case definitely come see him. The drive is worth his ability and he and his assistant is honest, intelligent, kind and super duper skilled!
Tracy is also super kind and the entire staff is great!

I will trust him not only for my first surgery but every one thereafter!

Miss W.

Great periodontist. Very professional and competent. Prices are reasonable compared to similar services elsewhere. Reception staff and nurses are very kind and takes time to explain everything and address all concerns. I highly recommend this office.

Sara G.

Dr. Wetzel is a real professional as well as a likeable person. You don't always get that in an oral surgeon. LOL. His staff is super friendly and you really feel that the whole office cares about your well being. Also, Dr. Wetzel instills me with confidence. I trust him with any procedure. So far I have had a bone graft, an extraction, and a large gum graft. I am looking toward to two dental implants and another gum graft and bone graft. You can tell he is really focused on the task at hand when he is doing a procedure and he takes surgery to the level of an art. Clearly, he has the experience and skills to improvise when he runs into snafus. I had a question about my pain after my last surgery and called his after-hours emergency number, and he called me back within 2 minutes. You can't ask for more than that. Also, if you have Delta Dental, then Tracy will lay out your whole plan for all of your work and tell you how much is covered by Delta and how much you will have left to pay. No surprises. Plus, Dr. Wetzel's new office is super cool. The design is tres chic;) I wish he did regular dentistry too.

Dr. Felicia D.

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